Differential Experiences in Web and App Project Management

Adetunji, Ifeoluwapo, School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia
Elliott, Travis, EN-Engineering and Society SA-African American Affairs EN-Eng Sys and Environment AT-Academic Affairs Business, University of Virginia

For the technical report I relate my experience as an intern for a California based tech company that maintains a job finding service. My task was to integrate the website’s homepage with a A/B testing API produced by the company. The details of the modifications made to the API and homepage are contained inside, as well as my overall experience and view of courses that helped prepare me for the experience.
Tying into this is the research paper on the effects that techniques like A/B testing have on society. It explores some of the types of techniques and how they are viewed by the public. It also discusses the effects they can have on the individuals exposed, and how society is adapting to the advent of such technologies. It also examines these technologies and their impact through the technological determinism framework. As a software engineer at a firm that utilizes some of these things it is especially important to think about the effects that decisions can have on the people impacted.

BS (Bachelor of Science)
computer science, software development, ethics
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