School and Class-Wide Approaches to Supporting Students with Disabilities in the Context of Openness and Transparency

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Fleming, Jesse, Education - School of Education and Human Development, University of Virginia
Cook, Bryan, ED-CISE, University of Virginia

The purpose of this three-manuscript dissertation is to investigate PBIS and peer education interventions in the context of open science. Specifically, in this dissertation we will examine (a) the knowledge, attitudes, and practices of special education researchers regarding open science practices; (b) the effect of higher-tier SWPBIS fidelity on exclusionary discipline outcomes for students with disabilities; and (c) the experience of autistic students’ during a peer education intervention and the impact of the intervention on the knowledge and attitudes of typical peers. Ultimately, these three manuscripts are bound together by my interests and align with my future goals to conduct research in the areas of open science, equity, and social communication skills for autistic students.

PHD (Doctor of Philosophy)
Open Science, Special Education, Autism, Exclusionary Discipline
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