Local Wisdom: Unearthing Urban Nature Through Community Research + Design

Triman, Julia, Urban and Environmental Planning - School of Architecture, University of Virginia
Beatley, Timothy, Department of Urban and Environmental Planning, University of Virginia

Using case study methodology, this paper analyzes site history and research, planning, and (re)design processes for Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park in Singapore to explore the value of experiential, participatory, field-based methods for planning for urban parks and nature areas. In addition to the case study, this paper explores other examples of experiential planning methods for parks and nature areas in the U.S. and internationally. Benefits of experiential, participatory, field-based methods may include inspiring people to care about cultural and ecological history, increasing a sense of community ownership of urban parks and nature areas, and design outcomes more responsive to people and place. Limitations include that such methods are time consuming and financially intensive, are subject to availability, interest, and motivations of participants and design and planning professionals, and may be difficult to conduct at a community-wide or regional scale.

MUEP (Master of Urban and Environmental Planning)
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