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Wu, Weilian, School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia
Neeley, Kathryn, University of Virginia
Graham, Daniel, University of Virginia

The technical report focuses on the development of software design and the STS research paper focuses on the importance of roommate relationship. My technical project tries to work on designing software applications and build a roommate finder application online, which may have several features that an app has.My STS research paper tries to figure out how roommate relationship will affect mental and physical health to Americans. Therefore, my work on both projects may explain the importance of good relations for us and how the software could help.
For my technical project, I used python and its frameworks as my tools and I design the app with djagno, css, html, etc. Having a roommate is common in the U.S., especially for college students. Therefore, it is important to have a good roommate because the relationship between different people could affect deeply in positive or negative way. I used djagngo to design several features. The system will provide several questions and give a grade based on these questions. Users could find their potential roommates based on the grades. For my STS research paper, I found that the good relationships between roommates can affect people’s mental and physical health deeply. According to the family systems theory, I found that a good relationship could lead to the development of better future and adjust on mental health for most people.
In conclusion, I have examined how the software applications serve people as users and users could give reflections to softwares. Softwares should provide a better future for all human beings. Now, I would like to thank to my STS advisor Kathryn Neeley and my technical professor Daniel Graham. They provide me encouragement and support on these projects.

BS (Bachelor of Science)
Software Application, Python, Django, Web Application
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