Smart Medication Organizer; IoT devices in Health Information Technology

Helfrick, Quin, School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia
Powell, Harry, EN-Elec/Computer Engr Dept, University of Virginia
Norton, Peter, EN-Engineering and Society, University of Virginia

The Internet of Things is seeing significant adoption in the healthcare sector. These devices help physicians and patients stay informed about their health through remote monitoring and other methods. About half of patients do not adequately adhere to their prescribed medication regimens. This has resulted in thousands of unnecessary deaths and billions in health care costs each year in the United States alone. How can compliance with a treatment regimen be improved? The research team designed an IoT device that improves the consistency of a patient’s medication regime by providing audiovisual reminders to take their medication according to a provided schedule.
How are social groups competing to influence the place of IoT in U.S. healthcare? The adoption of IoT in healthcare is influenced by hospitals, patient & privacy advocates, insurance companies, patients, technology companies, and healthcare professionals. These social groups have conflicting interests and use tools such as legal means, awareness creation, and indirect influence to ensure that technologies made meet their needs.

BS (Bachelor of Science)
IoT, Health, Medication, Information Technology
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