Electronic submission of undergraduate Thesis: modification of the University Of Virginia electronic thesis submittal system

Connelly, Zachary D., Department of Computer Science, University of Virginia
French, James C., Department of Computer Science, University of Virginia

As more people gain access to the Internet, the ability to obtain information from different sources around the world will increase. To incorporate the University of Virginia’s student body in this information revolution, an electronic publishing system was developed here for use by fourth year engineering students for their theses. After the pilot project was completed and successful, it was important that the system be modified for increased utility, both for the students and the library. This new system must eliminate many of the sources for user error and quicken the incorporation of theses into the library’s computer system. This project’s focus is to achieve these goals for use by the engineering class of 1998.

BS (Bachelor of Science)

Thesis originally deposited on 2011-12-27 in version 1.28 of Libra. This thesis was migrated to Libra2 on 2016-11-30 15:13:46.

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