Globalizing a Civil War: How the American Civil War Shaped Egypt and Its Relationship with the United States

Ladak, Ziyanah, Harrison Undergraduate Research Award, University of Virginia
Bishara, Fahad, Department of History, University of Virginia

This thesis explores the global repercussions of the American Civil War, focusing on the case of Egypt in particular. When the war broke out, the world was in need of a new source of cotton and turned to other countries like Egypt. While this thesis builds on scholarship about the Egyptian cotton boom, it adds a new component to the literature and looks at the relationship between Egypt and the United States. Correspondence between American consuls in Egypt and the U.S. government during the time of the war highlights American insecurities because of the state of affairs back home. As a result, Americans navigated their interactions with Egyptians cautiously, especially in comparison to the more dominant British power. Overall, this thesis serves to illuminate efforts of the United States to gain legitimacy in the global community during the 19th century.

BA (Bachelor of Arts)
Egyptian cotton , American Civil War
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