Los cómics como forma representativa del desencanto español entre 1975 y 1981: Reacciones a democratización y la Transición

Cantwell, Colin, Spanish, University of Virginia
Amago, Samuel, AS-Spanish, Italian & Portuguese, University of Virginia

Between 1939 and 1975, the years of Francisco Franco's dictatorship in Spain, media and culture were severely restricted. Acceptable cultural production fit within the traditionalist principles of the regime in power. After Franco's death in 1975, for the first time in nearly forty years the country's artists were finally able to express themselves. The art of the period between 1975-1986 is marked by its liberation from the rules of the Franco period, and the early democratic governments supported the flourishing underground scene as a means of changing the national identity of the country and its perception in the eyes of the world. Consequently, comics as an art form best represent the Spanish cultural zeitgeist of this period through their depiction of common themes of historical memory, violence, cultural liberalization and disenchantment.

BA (Bachelor of Arts)
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