Tidal Resonances in Eccentric White Dwarf Binaries

McKeever, Ethan, Astronomy, University of Virginia
Arras, Phil, Astronomy, University of Virginia

Tidal effects play a significant role in the orbital evolution of compact white dwarf binaries and these effects change significantly with eccentric orbits. I calculate the tidal responses and orbital evolution in close eccentric white dwarf binaries inspiraling due to gravitational wave emission. We find that in a constant time lag model that white dwarf spin rates approach a pseudosynchronous spin rate, that tidal heating rates have a clear shape depending on the eccentricity and spin rates of the white dwarfs, and that the frequency evolution index increases significantly near merger due to tidal effects. In a g-mode tidal model, I calculate the tidal response in specific models of Helium and Carbon-Oxygen white dwarfs. I show clear resonances in the white dwarf spin rate and tidal heating levels.

BS (Bachelor of Science)
White Dwarfs, Tides, Gravitational Waves, Astrophysics
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