Development and Evaluation of an Experimental Platform for State-of-Charge Balancing Control of Lithium-Ion Battery Systems

Wang, Jiaao, Electrical Engineering - School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia
Lin, Zongli, EN-Elec & Comp Engr Dept, University of Virginia

State-of-charge (SOC) balancing has been the target of numerous battery man-agement system (BMS) algorithms that have been put forth. The creation and as-sessment of an experimental platform for BMS algorithm testing are described in this thesis. Our designed platform facilitates simple parameter or physical amount expression adjustments, which makes evaluating the performances of different BMS algorithms more straightforward. The DSP processor (TMS320F28335), a specially made buck converter, different battery packs, and load resistors make up the plat-form’s hardware. An SOC vs open-circuit voltage graph is generated for the purpose of estimating SOC by modeling circuit processes and examining battery output under load. The platform evaluation selects A BMS algorithm is adopted for the evaluation of the platform, confirming the efficacy of the algorithm in achieving SOC balancing across battery units.

MS (Master of Science)
Battery systems, experimental platform, SOC estimation, SOC balancing
Sponsoring Agency:
Department of Navy awards N00014-22-1-2001 and N00014-23-1-2124
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