Student Researched and Developed High Power Rocket;The Growth of Environmental Equity within the UVA and Local Charlottesville Community

Hicks, Jordyn, School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia
Forelle, MC, EN-Engineering and Society, University of Virginia
Dong, Haibo, EN-Mech & Aero Engr Dept, University of Virginia

Analyzing the intersections of STS theory, sustainability, and the aerospace industry is necessary to understand the impact and influence these topics have on society. This research project aims to shed light on the complex dynamics that shape the aerospace industry and the concept of environmental justice and waste mitigation. The technical project will produce an advanced sound rocket with many engineering benefits while also aiming to be sustainable. The STS project will address the systemic issues that contribute to the unequal distribution of environmental benefits and burdens in society, but also the progress within these systems. By adopting a multidisciplinary perspective that draws from STS, sustainability science, and ethics, I aspire to provide insights into how the aerospace industry can better align its endeavors with sustainable practices. By understanding how science, technology, and society converge in the pursuit of sustainability, society can make informed decisions, take responsible actions, and develop policies and practices that balance the needs of the environment, the economy, and society

BS (Bachelor of Science)

School of Engineering and Applied Science University of Virginia
Aerospace Engineering
Technical Advisor: Haibo Dong
STS Advisor: MC Forelle
Technical Team Members:
Joe Burton, Duraan Miskinyar, Thomas Ortega, Dylan House, Chris Camacho, Leo Bashaw, and Miriam Morse

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