Student Researched and Developed High Power Rocket; Sustainability in a Commercial Space Race

Brightwell, Marc, School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia
Francisco, Pedro Augusto, Engineering and Society, University of Virginia
Stafford, William, Engineering and Society, University of Virginia
Dong, Haibo, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Virginia

The development of modern rocketry has paved the way for human exploration in space. Through a cultivated understanding of disciplines such as aerodynamics and propulsion, the development of launch vehicles has seen relatively rapid advancements over the past decades. From simply establishing momentary contact to low Earth orbit to now knocking on the door of interplanetary colonization, the scope of human spaceflight is an ever-evolving landscape. These advancements in aerospace have established an increasing sense of normalcy within spaceflight, with crewed trips to space stations or the deployment of satellites to orbit becoming routine. The technical project encompasses the design, prototyping, construction, and testing of a high-powered rocket. The STS portion of the research focuses on sustainability within human spaceflight. More specifically, my research uses STS framework to investigate how society can collectively promote sustainability amid a rapidly expanding industry sector of commercialized or privatized space exploration.

BS (Bachelor of Science)
space, sustainability, rocket

School of Engineering and Applied Science

Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering

Technical Advisor: Prof. Haibo Dong

STS Advisor: Prof. Pedro Augusto P. Francisco and William F. Stafford, Jr.

Technical Team Members: Ardan Abraham, Jake Bales, Alexndria Barnard-Davignon, Leo Bashaw, Tucker Benton, Joe Burton, Christopher Camacho, Aymon Daud, Andy Delgado, Tim Edinger, Noah Hassett, Jordyn Hicks, Niklas Holle, Dylan House, Claire Kent, Connor Lothrop, Olivia Lyall, Duraan Miskinyar, Miriam Morse, Jason Nguyen, Aiden Ogle, Thomas Ortega, Aaron Osbourne, Johannes Quapil, Shane Sawyer, Daniel Tohti , Dylan Tran, Peter Zappia

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