Kinematic Dependence of the Dilution Factor in the SpinQuest Experiment E1039 at Fermilab

Conover, Arthur, Physics - Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Virginia
Day, Donal, AS-Inst-Nuclear & Particle Physics, University of Virginia

Thirty years after the "Spin Crisis" began, there is still uncertainty surrounding
the spin structure of the nucleon. SpinQuest Experiment E1039 at FermiLab will attempt to probe the internal transverse dynamics of the nucleon via Drell-Yan scattering of a 120 GeV proton beam from a polarized proton target to determine if the orbital angular momentum of the sea-quarks contributes to the overall spin of the nucleon.
In order to understand a leading contribution to the overall systematic uncertainty in this experiment, a study was performed to calculate and evaluate the uncertainty in the dilution factor of the experimental target. This thesis catalogs that effort, highlights where it overlaps with other sources of systematic error, and suggests future work aimed at reducing the overall systematic error of the experiment.

MS (Master of Science)
Systematic Error, SpinQuest, Drell-Yan, Dilution Factor, Polarized Target
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