A Microwave On-Wafer Probe with Micromachined Replaceable Tip

Gonzalez, Benjamin, Electrical Engineering - School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia
Weikle, Robert, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Virginia

On-Wafer testing is a critical part of the integrated circuit industry and an important technique for research and development. On wafer probes allow for circuit characterization prior to dicing, or mounting. Defective circuits can be removed prior to packaging, with the result of reducing time and costs. Probe stations can be automated, allowing for a large number of measurements to be done efficiently and quickly. On wafer probes can have DC bias capabilities, and can provide accurate RF measurements of integrated circuits with proper calibration.

Abstract This work presents the design, simulation, and measurement of a 0-50 GHz on wafer probe with a replaceable tip. The replaceable tip provides the ability to change the probe to a different pitch, or replace a damaged probe tip. Without this feature, a new probe would need to be purchased, or sent to the manufacturer for repair. The replaceable tip is realized using silicon micromachining techniques.

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