From Crisis to Community: A Suburban Response to Urban Homelessness

Langford, Daniel, School of Architecture, University of Virginia
Strange, Clayton, AR-Architecture, University of Virginia

"From Crisis to Community: A Suburban Response to Urban Homelessness” presents a new approach to addressing homelessness within the suburban context. The project is inspired by the evolution of cities and urban sprawl beyond the downtown core. This thesis, focused on Louisville, Kentucky, offers a case study applicable to cities across the United States.

Central to this initiative is the belief in housing as a fundamental human right, complemented by equal emphasis on access and opportunity. By analyzing and integrating job data and public transportation maps, the project strategically identifies key geographic points to optimize homeless individuals’ access to employment, housing, and essential services.

Through this proposed suburban typology for transitional housing, the project aims to foster community on and off the site. In conclusion, “From Crisis to Community” proposes a holistic solution to transitional housing and homelessness, recognizing the interconnectedness of housing, employment, and community support. By prioritizing inclusivity and leveraging existing resources, this approach strives to empower individuals, promote social cohesion, and build a more compassionate society for all.

MArch (Master of Architecture)
Homelessness, Community Development , Community Integration, Empathy, Architecture, Housing , Transitional housing, Homeless services
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