Analysis of Enterprise-Level Implementations of New Technology

Lambley, William, School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia
Lambley, William, Engineering Undergraduate, University of Virginia

Companies all over the world have been rapidly changing over the last few decades as computational technology continues to advance in both the hardware and software sectors. Enterprise-level adoption of new technology is necessary to stay competitive in tech-based markets, and understanding these technologies is a key factor in understanding how these companies manage their workflows. Knowing the workflow will, in turn, reveal the decisions made by companies when creating their products, allowing the consumer to better understand what they are buying. This is important as consumers interact with complex technological products on a daily basis, from phone games to virtual reality headsets, and gaining even a small amount of understanding of these products can be difficult for the average consumer. In order to avoid predatory practices, it is necessary for consumers to understand the design philosophies behind the products they buy. To that end, this research aims to aid in the understanding of enterprise-level adoptions of new technologies and how those technologies inform the products they make.

BS (Bachelor of Science)
Virtual Reality, Software, Social
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