A Toolkit for Creating Tangible Interfaces with Dynamic States Using Compliance Illusion

Keefer, Spencer, Computer Science - School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia
Heo, Seongkook, University of Virginia

Tangible and haptic interfaces can enable more intuitive and engaging interactions by allowing users to manipulate the physical control that reacts differently based on the virtual context. However, building such interfaces often requires the development of electronic circuits, moving mechanisms, firmware, and a device driver, making it difficult to be built by designers or users without extensive knowledge. We propose PseudoWidgets, a toolkit developed to allow users to prototype dynamic tangible interfaces easily. By using the deformation haptic illusion created using vibrotactile feedback, users can create tangible controls of various types of movement without creating linkages and using motors. Using PseudoWidgets CAD tool, users can easily add virtual controls, such as buttons, levers, joysticks, and knobs, on a 3D model of their own. The CAD tool automatically generates structures to place haptic modules for the user to print using a 3D printer. Once assembled, the haptic modules will communicate with a computer over WiFi to dynamically adjust its movement properties based on the virtual context.

MS (Master of Science)
haptic feedback, vibrotactile feedback, material compliance, haptic toolkit
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