The orange industry in Mississippi

Hinds, Robert Lee, University of Virginia

As a native of the state of Mississippi and one interested in the agricultural development of that commonwealth, I have spent my spare time during the past several years in a study of the evil result s of the mono-culture of cotton and its probable removal as an existing condition.

In investigating other crops which may replace this plant I became interested in the relative importance of fruit crops, and particularly in the orange industry. Continued correspondence with agricultural experts in Mississippi on other subjects led me to attempt the compilation of all material available on this subject.

Experience gained while serving with the Mississippi Geological Survey of 1919 has proved invaluable in the preparation of this semi-bulletin. In addition, I am sincerely grateful to J. R. Hicks, Director of Agricultural Extension in Mississippi, for material and assistance given me.

Data on the subject is quite limited, so that it has been necessary to get much of the material herein contained from various reliable sources, credit for which is fully acknowledged in the bibliography as well as in footnotes when even an indirect quotation is used.

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Oranges, Fruit-culture--Mississippi
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